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Hand-crafted by Michael Baker. Limited edition of only 13 pieces, exclusively for Stevens Magic Emporium. Michael Baker continues his limited production of hand-selected Okito items that are fast becoming highly sought after pieces.  The list of magicians who have purchased his work includes one of the most famous performing celebrities in magic, as well as many collectors. This piece is simply beautiful and elegant.

Effect: A box filled with colorful confetti is shown, along with an empty tube, closed at the bottom, but with open top. A few handfuls of confetti are put into the tube, and within seconds, transforms into a huge colorful production of silks, flowers, candy, small livestock or whatever else you choose to produce!

Comes complete with box, tube, confetti, load chamber, special gimmick and illustrated instructions. You supply your own silks, etc. Each outfit is individually numbered with a brass hallmark plate attached to the box. Box dimensions, approximately 10 x 8.5 x 4.5-inches. Made from Baltic Birch with brass hinges. Beautifully painted red, gold and black outside with Chinese bird and blossom images on the four sides and the lid. Interior is black and gold with Chinese fan image on the underside of the lid.

Tube dimensions approximately 9 x 4-inches. Made from 22 gauge steel. Summer green, gold and black with images of bamboo and cranes on the front.

Load space is almost as large as the tube. Will hold a huge production of silks, spring flowers, etc. Load chamber is felt covered for quiet operations.

This is a beautiful piece that pays homage to one of the most respected craftsman and performers of the past – Okito.  The brilliant colors and transfers will satisfy collector and performer alike.

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