Okito Tip Over Chest
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Okito Mini Tip-Over Chest


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Theodore Bamberg, (Okito), was the first to create the illusion of a Tip-Over Chest. Variations of this illusion have morphed into many different variations. But the method was introduced by him. It is used today in stage illusions… aka The Costume Trunk. And this version is used in parlor presentations, and the audience impact is just as strong in small stage settings.

Immense productions can be accomplished, depending on the size of the chest—silks, silk banners, latex goods, any small item, etc. After each production, the chest can be shown empty each time. Side doors and front doors are opened to show the chest completely empty! Where do all of the items come from? A clever principle for sure!

This is a mini version of the classic tip-over effect, in the Okito-style, from the creators at Illusion Arts Magic. This utility apparatus can be used for vanishes, transpositions and appearances. The cabinet is 10 inches wide, 9 inches tall, and 9 inches deep. It features three art transfers and brass accents. This very attractive effect is available in limited quantities.


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