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The first square circle that can satisfy the “packs flat— plays big” dream of magicians. Previous versions of Square Circles, while crowd favorites, usually featured outdated designs. In addition, they were bulky to transport. At ABRACORNABRA 2017, in the dealer room, I saw Gimpy’s Old Time Square and loved it! First, the design has a classic look. Second, for the first time it folds up for much easier transport. Third, it allows for a very impressive load chamber. In summary, Gimpy’s version of the classic Square Circle features a more sophisticated look with updated features. Similar to Mark Wilson’s Alakazam Hat, the load can be hidden at the start behind the four panel outer box. Thus, both boxes can be shown empty before they are placed on the base. The load chamber is a massive 8.5 x 4.5 inches—big enough for a huge load of silks as well as a small fish bowl.

Everything including the load chamber folds flat in a 2-inch tall stack. Total size is 7 x 7 x 11 inches tall. Each unit is crafted by Gimpy from walnut and maple, and features accented 18 karat gold leaf details. The inside is covered in black velvet so the illusion is possible in even the most demanding light conditions. We tested it in our photo studio and it reminded us how powerfully deceiving black art magic can be.

The base of each unit is hallmarked. Please note this item is available in very limited quantities, as each unit is crafted by the man himself!

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