Olde English Wrist Stocks – 3″ Holes


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Size of Holes 3″ Diameter (width of holes).  Standard Size. 

Now You Can Be A Houdini! Here’s how it goes… Performer asks for assistance of one or two spectators. The stocks are examined and a colorful story is told about these inescapable restraints. (Even Houdini had trouble escaping from these simple stocks?)

Placed on a spectator, there is no way they can get out of them, without the simple secret! Then the performer is locked into the ominous looking stocks. The un-gaffed antique looking four lever English padlocks are placed and closed on the performer’s wrists! The artist’s confined arms are now hidden from view for just a moment by either a screen or even a 36-inch silk and the performer walks free displaying the still locked restraints in his hands!

Built by master craftsman, Louie Gaynor, this clever ideas was gleaned from a set of Thayer “Stocks of Solomon” made years ago, and is sure to please any audience. Built from textured lightweight Redwood. Sturdy and built to last. No reset, always ready to go. A fast and sensational escape illusion! Great for stage or parlor!

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