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Summary from Stevens Magic: We at Stevens Magic love this effect (with all respect to normal playing cards) the fact is they are over played – over and over again. Some of the most successful commercial effects are one’s where the creators recognize they can truly make an exponential shift by altering the canvas surface size of a playing card by incorporating  other images! This offers a multi-beneficial feature of removing is psychologically as just another playing card effect, as well as provide an almost infinite opportunity to incorporate other aspects then just a card pip and number.   Take Phil Goldstein’s – Mind’s Eye Deck (Ton Onosaka) or even Magic Dreams incredible PLM by Vincent Roca as just TWO examples that immediately come to mind to support this fact. With over 45 years experience selling magic to professionals and hobbyist – we at Stevens Magic know a little about what make an effect great. Omni Tool fits that critique!

Julien Losa finally offers you the routine he uses in all his shows! Now available in Poker format, printed on quality cards, this game is so versatile and powerful it will never leave you. A real tool for all mentalists.

Ingeniously concealed in a foreign language learning game, OMNITOOL allows you to achieve full effects of mentalism, in all conditions (close-up, living room and stage).

You will be able to vary and chain numbers such as:

  • Thought readings
  • Word divinations
  • Duplicate drawings
  • Pseudopsychometric type effect
  • Readings
  • Q&A
  • OMNITOOL is THE WORLD’S SIMPLEST Picture / Word Rosary! We showed it to people who didn’t know anything about rosaries and, in less than 2 minutes, they had memorized all the cards. Plus, even after an extended period of non-use, reactivation is incredibly easy and will only take you a few seconds.

In the explanatory video, Julien gives in detail all the secrets of his 3-phase routine that made him popular. More than 1h30 of explanations during which you can watch 2 performances performed live during his shows. They will allow you to realize the impact of OMNITOOL!

You receive :

  • 26 cards (marked) with the memorized rosary
  • 26 cards in “Tossed Out Deck” (TOD)
  • 1 double back card
  • 1 double-sided card

1 explanatory video in ENGLISH and or FRENCH with more than 1h30 with 2 live performances

Strong points :

  • As easy to do as it is to learn
  • Very powerful effects on the audience
  • Usable in all conditions: close-up, living room and stage
  • Many possible routines
  • Packs small Plays big
  • A complete and detailed explanatory video so you can start using it very quickly, the link and password are on the top tab flap of the packaging

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