On the Pass with Richard Kaufman – DVD – Estate


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On The Pass has been acclaimed as one of the best teaching videos on sleight-of-hand and is the best source for learning one of the more difficult sleights in card magic.

Richard Kaufman who is a master of the Pass teaches you everything he knows on the subject. This is the only comprehensive course on this elusive secret of the experts.

Techniques taught:

The Classic Pass
The Riffle Pass
The Jiggle Pass
Half A Jiggle Pass
Classic Pass False Cut
The Cover Pass
Herrmann Pass
Merlin’s Herrmann
Turnover Pass
Jacob Daley’s Improved Herrmann Pass,
The Double-Lift Shift
Steve Draun’s Midnight Shift
The Half Pass and much more!
Routines taught:
False-Cut Ace Cutting
A Biddling Vanish
Every Every Where
New Cavorting Aces
Passing Along The Vanishing Aces

Running Time: Approximately 55 minutes.

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