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Shigeo Takagi’s – one cup routine illustrated by Ton Onosaka, is the ultimate cup & ball routine! Why it baffles laymen and completely fry’s magicians! It has taken years for us to bring back the original version of Shigeo Takagi’s One Cup  Routine!

Finally, with permission from Ms. Takagi in Japan and the wonderful help from Ton Onosaka, we have replicated this as perfectly as we could. (Shigeo is not with us anymore, but hopefully, by releasing this original version created by him, this will show just how clever he was in coming out with one solid cup, and performing a routine with cup and one ball, years and years ago!)  This routine blew magicians away years ago when he first introduced it.  Who ever thought you could entertain an audience with just one cup and one ball?  (He did!)

An easy five minute, or less, routine and showing how the ball appears and vanishes and penetrates through the cup!  And at the end of your routine, you pause and say;  “What I can’t understand is how the ball fits into the cup…as there just isn’t any room for it”!  You then split open the cup again, using both hands to reveal a second larger ball!  And turning the cup over to reveal that it is just a solid cup!  Viola.  (Your spectators will wonder… “Where in the heck did those balls come from?”)

You will enjoy showing off your talents to your spectators when you learn and master the magical moves of the One Cup & Ball Routine.  The cup has been professionally hand crafted for us by Paul Lembo, an artist at making fine magic apparatus!  These cups are made out of cured walnut and maple and are 3 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.  Comes complete with illustrations showing Shigeo’s handling and routines—illustrated by Ton Onosaka. ONLY 30 SETS MADE  Exclusively for Stevens Magic.  No expense considered in making this high quality set!  Comes complete with cup, balls, instructions and in a nice carrying bag.

Note: Also available in limited supply is a matching set of signature hardwood cups, that come with the complete 3 cup set, and one of the cups from this set is a chop cup.  See bottom of this page for product link.

Note Two: Does NOT include magic wand as seen in video.  The cup that is shown in the video is a different variety and color than the one being provided here.

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