One. Two, Punch! – Max Krause


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Max stopped by to see us and showed us his newest creation and it’s a killer…. As you probably already know Max has some tremdous bill effects that are trully mind bending…  Which also happens to be the liscense of plate on the back of his SUV.  An impossible experience using real US currency at a phenomenal price!

Effect: The magician removes a couple of $1 dollar bills from his wallet or money clip and has the serial numbers written down for both of them on a sheet of paper or dry erase board. He then proceeds to fold up the two bills and upon opening them it is found that the two bills have morphed into a $2 bill!

The magician explains that this $2 bill really is a combination of both bills and proves it when it is found that the serial number on the $2 bill is the total of the two $1 bills’ serial numbers added up! A real knockout and impossible finish!

One, Two, Punch! comes with all the bills necessary to perform this amazing effect and also requires basic sleight of hand knowledge.


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