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What began as an idea for a “magical” puzzle bracelet from Robbie Willmarth during a lunch with Gay Blackstone and Harriet Jacobson in 2004, evolved into a magical jewelry business. BJW Magical Jewelry is a company specializing EXCLUSIVELY in hand crafted, fine jewelry that is both affordable and interactive! They all agreed on an “all or nothing approach”, all three had to approve an item to be in the line of magically themed jewelry. They developed a “guarantee to please” philosophy from fit to wear on each and every item they carry. Stevens Magic has been selected  EXCLUSIVE Magic distributor of BJW Magical Jewelry.

We at Stevens Magic are so excited about being chosen as the exclusive distributor for BJW Magic Jewelry, and while there are many reasons, this ring is a strong one. All the products are excellent, but this optical illusion ring (and also bracelet they sell) is one of the all time favorites and like other items BJW sells, it does triple duty.

  •  It’s elegant and beautiful
  •  It’s crafted with 100% attention to quality and materials
  •  It’s magical too! It provides the additional benefit of an optical illusion that is so realistic – even when you   know how it’s done.

Effect: Mark Stevens’s routine: You mention that advances in metals have come so far that they finally now, can make one ring that is universal and fits all sizes! Think about how this advancement saves the jewelry companies thousands of dollars now that they no longer have to make individual sizes! At this point you remove the ring and say, “for example, if I needed this to be bigger all I have to do is turn the ring and you can see the size of the ring actually expands! Then again, if it’s too big, just turn the ring the other direction and it reduces the size (a this point you do a simple little move so it appears that ithe ring is too tight to fit on the same finger it was initially on). So, once again you adjust it a little more to make it just a tad bigger and it now goes on your finger perfectly! Highly Recommended!

Amaze and amuse your friends as they see the band widen and narrow as the ring is rotated. Made in sterling silver.

All products are in sterling silver, but can be custom-made in 18k gold. Turnaround time on  jewelry can be 4 to 6 weeks. Call with measuring details on products! Available in HALF sizes 5-15.5.

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