Optical Wallet (Melt Wallet)


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Also called: Melt Wallet. This is a great effect that like many “one trick wonders” leaves the audience baffled.   The magician introduces a wallet that has two cards which are seen through a clear plastic shield. He informs the spectators that he is going to remove “both” cards from the wallet, but the order in which they will be removed will be determined from the audience. He has a spectator simply point to any of the two cards and then removes the cards accordingly (i.e. magician’s force).  In this case the spectator points to the Jack of Diamonds so it is removed first and is placed face up so it can be seen by all.  The second card (9 of Clubs) is then removed from the wallet and placed “face down” on top of the previously removed “face up” card.

The magician instructs the participant to place his/her hand over the cards and press down on the cards. The magician asked the participant if they felt anything when they did that?  Then instructs him/her to turn the top card (9 of clubs), over, and when they do, the top card is totally blank! Both the pips and numbers have vanished!  But it doesn’t stop there – the magician states, “The reason I asked you if you felt anything is because sometime people say they felt a warming or heat sensation.”  The magician now turns the first card that was removed over to discover the 9 of clubs has literally melted through the card and is no printed on the back!

Why buy from Stevens Magic?  This item is manufactured by many different makers and we spot check each batch when they arrive to make sure you get the best!  Important: Cards will vary, meaning they are not all the 9 of clubs or Jack of Diamonds.

Photo Credits: Images used with permission from Andy Martinwww.martinsmagic.com

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