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Michael Bakers first fruit form the Magic Crafters Meeting 2018 held in Wichita, KS., featuring some of the finest in the art including, Gimpy, George Ledo, Louie Gaynor and of course – Michael Baker.  Micheal really stepped up on this product which will feature limited production and the first batch of six have arrived and are available for immediate shipping.  The collection will be limited to only 20 pieces. If your a fan of die boxes and beautiful apparatus this is going to be hard to resist.  It has both functionality and a beautiful look, it would be a shame to not have it prominent visually available.

This unique limited production product crafted by Michael Baker, can ONLY be purchased from Stevens Magic Emporium. The piece is exquisite, ordinate and exceptionally detailed as one would expect from Michael.  On a personal note, this piece embodies features of my father Joe’s favorite producer of apparatus – Okito.  Finding people that can come close to achieve that semblance found in historical Okito pieces is exceptionally rare, in point of fact there are only two people we can think of that could achieve this level of detail and Michael is obviously one of them.

The box features velvet lined interior, and of course the necessary sliding gimmick, two top-doors, and two double-front doors.

Dimensions: 5 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 3/4″ tall.

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