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Details: If you were one of the fortunate ones to have seen MARCONICK do his act or lecture when he visited us from Holland you know how clever and entertaining his magic is. In this book he reveals some of his innermost secrets, 400 photos and illustrations throughout this 200 page book will thrill you as trick after trick is revealed.

Printed in three languages: English – German – French. The contents are fabulous:

Cups of Plenty
Silk and Bottle
How to Lasso a Card
Fountain of Silks
Silk Ball Production
Floating Hat and Cane
Glass Production from a Silk
Through a Beer Mat
A Bare Hand Silk Production, etc.
Seventy tricks clearly explained.



007 Foreword
008 I Dedicate this Book to My Friends….
010 Introduction by Peter Warlock
010 Geleitwort des Übersetzers by Klaus G. Müller
012 Introduction par Claude Isbeque-Klingsor

013 Cards
014 Colour Changing Card
018 Card Locator
018 The Jumping Card
022 Powdering Fanning Cards
022 Spinning Cards The Easy Way
024 Rising Cards
024 How to Lassoo a Card
026 Four Aces to the Top
028 Card Through Handkerchief
030 Double Card Fan
032 The Four or Five of Hearts
034 Card Castle Production

036 Doves
037 Special Pockets
038 The Hat Flap
040 Silk Production from Magazine

043 Bottles and Liquids
044 Bottled Silks
048 Water to Sand
050 Cups of Plenty
052 Silks and Bottle
054 Tambourine Production
056 Cups from Tubes
060 Glass Production from Silk

063 Stage Magic/ General Magic
064 The Balloon That Mends Itself
066 The Rising an Falling Magazine
068 Red, White and Blue
072 Flaoting Cane and Top Hat
074 Colour Changing Umbrella
076 The Penetrating Pencil
078 Levitation
078 Cut and Restored Neck Tie
080 Production of Cups from a Scarf
084 Colour Changing Ribbons
086 Torn and Restored Newspaper
088 A Tyre Illusion

093 Billiard Balls
094 Ball Production and Colour Change with Cup
096 Production of Billiard Balls from the Bare Hand
098 Silk Ball Production
100 Ball Changes into a Silk
100 Four Balls at Once
102 Two to Four Balls
104 Billiard Ball production from Silk

106 Silks
108Quantity Silk Production
110 The Silk in the Middle
112 Silk Return
114 Continous Production of Silks
116 Bare Hand Silk Production
118 Triangle
122 Fountain of Silks
124 Sympathetic Silks
124 Twentieth Century Again
128 Yet Another Twentieth Century
130 Streamer Blendo
132 Production and Vanish of Silk
136 Two Way Blendo
138 Five Silks Out of One
140 Taking The Corners Away
142 Stretching Silks
144 Three Silks on a Ribbon
146 Flash Silks
148 Colour Change in the Air
150 The Fastest Knot in the World
152 Record Silk Vanish
154 The Silks That Went to No-Man´s Land
158 The Silks Shaker
160 The Tubed Silk
162 Finale

165 Ropes
166 Colour Changing Rope
168 New Cut and restored Rope
170 When is a Knot Not a Knot?
172 A Single Hand Knotting Feat
174 Loops
176 New Twentieth Century Transposition
180 Silk in Knot
182 Instant Rope Through Neck

185 Close-Up
186 Fire Bowl
188 Through a Beer Mat
192 The Hindu Thread Trick
196 How to Make Money

Submitted by Dietrich Keller

Publisher: Klingsor
Pages: 199
Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Edited by: Peter Warlock
Dimensions: 6″x10″
Date: 1967
Binding: hardbound

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin – www.martinsmagic.com

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