Orphic by Lewis Lé Val and The 1914 – Regular Size


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ORPHIC [awr-fik] – AdjectiveMysterious and entrancing beyond ordinary understanding

Orphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician. Peek, switch and load like a boss! Designed by Lewis Le’Val, Orphic takes classic hidden wallet functions and reengineers them in ways NEVER seen before in a magicians’ wallet. What’s more, there are NO moving parts to break or go wrong. Orphic is as simple (yet genius) as it gets. Hidden inside is:

1. The most psychologically deceptive peek EVER applied to a wallet. When Lewis first shared his design with the wallet makers, they initially said it couldn’t be done.

2. A bold yet stunningly simple switch. If it fits in the wallet, you can switch it (and there are no extra flaps).

3. A super-simple secret loading chamber. For predictions, revelations and even signed playing cards.

Orphic ships with exclusive access to a MAMMOTH instructional video series packed with over three and a half hours of killer material for both mentalists and magicians.

From the creator, you will learn:

  • Not one, but FIVE invisible peeking methods.
  • Two insanely powerful drawing duplication presentations.
  • Probably the EASIEST serial number divination in the world.
  • From magician Craig Petty, you you learn:
    The CLEANEST card to wallet in existence (WITHOUT palming!)
    A NAMED card to wallet
    A diabolically baffling card-under-wallet routine with a jaw-dropping finale
    And SO much more!

IMPORTANT: Orphic comes in two sizes:  This is the STANDARD or REGULAR Size Version.


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