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Important: Due to the size and weight of the unit and case – additional shipping will be required above and beyond what is charged at check out. 

This is a beautiful one-of-a-kind custom crafted table that features both the “tilting” feature as well as an optional rising table.  Make sure you read that again – it has both the tilting feature as well as the rising table feature.  But even better it can serve as a Ouija board.  This is crafted from the finest hardwoods and assembled and crafted by Louie Gaynor.

The unit comes with the plachette which features the “all seeing eye” and the circular maple contains as most Ouija boards all the letters of the alphabet and the words NO and YES!  The  12 external panels are crafted of Walnut. The natural beauty of the grain and several coating provide a lasting rich luster.

This could easily be the quinessetial most treasured piece for the right personality or performer.  This is something you will not see anywhere else and to date – this is and probably unless commisssioned otherwise will be the ONLY table like this ever built.  Also included is the wood traveling case with felt linings for all the peices of the table, and the plachette.  Whether you wish to store it or transport it one thing is for sure, the case that comes with it is up to that task.  Comes with details notes and specs from the craftsman as well as everything you will need to know about the ideomotor phenomenon.  And let me, Mark Stevens assure you of something I belive in 100% – the power of the Ideomotor phenomenon.  I’m not saying I’m the expert, but I vested over 40 hours testing this theory starting first with my wife and then repeating that same or similar experiment with 16 other people, afterwhich, I would briefly interview them.  Every ONE was mesmerized.  When I asked them if they could explain or theorize the reason behind it – the answers were everything but what I was searching for.  And that is a GOOD thing….

IMPORTANT NOTE:  While previous tippling tables were made with this design, this is the ONLY DUAL function “TIPPING” plus “LEVITATING” table ever made.  To aide in this process the middle part that you will see in a photo is NOT included.  The photo showing the table with three people standing is not an exact replica of this table.  However, it is provided as a REFERENCE to show the positioning required to achieve the tilting table effect.

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