Outside The Box – Nate Kranzo (DVD)

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From Nate Kranzo…Feel what it’s like to be a layman again! Prepare to be fooled. Not a polite and congenial fooling; but a down and dirty “fool the stinkin’ pants off you” fooling! Nate truly thinks “outside the box”. You want different? Nate gives you a double dose of different. Explore his fresh new plots, innovative methods, and frantic flourishing. “Diabolical” is sometimes overused in magic, but there isn’t a better word that describes Nate’s work.

You’ll truly feel what it’s like to be a layman again. Included on this DVD are Nate’s most popular pieces, wildly original routines with their devious handlings. It’s jam-packed with “do that again” mysteries that are designed for the strolling performer.

Here are few: Queen Routine, International 3-Fly, Double Sandwich Revelation, Hot Sauce, Backasswards Travelers and many others.


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