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Presenting a new way to use an old standby. With Max’s new handling you can use this deck in complete confidence. Max’s presentation will defy detection and will slip past even the shrewdest audience member.
Apply this to your favorite card to impossible location. How about as a perfect addition to the many already marketed effects you have lying around that you wish you had the perfect lead in to?

You will learn this technique in minutes and be able to apply it in almost unlimited ways. Comes complete with special Bicycle Poker sized deck in blue or red and 12 additional cards for other applications listed within the included 4-page manuscript.

Specify Blue or Red Back – if no specification is provided we will ship whatever is available.

“The principle is a cool idea, one of those magician foolers, simple, but very effective. You can use it in so many ways, great for Mentalism work as well. You did it again Max!!” – Renzo Baronti

“I can see myself adding this to my repertoire immediately.” – Alex Hijinosa

“It’s a killer handling of an old idea.” – Sean Cinco

“Finally a FRESH improvement to this method!! The ideas that come with it are fantastic! I will use this soon…very soon.” – Luca Volpe

“If you desire to make your own existing magic more psychologically convincing with greater impact, then O.W.F.F. is for you.” – Mike Vance

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