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“Palm Star” is a direct and extremely clean prop-less star sign divination. The ‘Palm Star’ method can be used during a reading, while performing close up, or on stage. The 50 page book  covers the full method, the history of the process and Pulsar’s memory notes and mnemonic so you will always remember when the twelve zodiac signs occur. ‘Palm Star’ also includes a video performance and explanation.

  • This complete work is a real worker routine from a quality creator and performer. You will always be ready to know their sign with ‘Palm Star.’
  • No pipe-dreams
  • 100% prop-less, gimmick-less, and impromptu


“Matt was kind enough to share this with me a little while ago and I’ve finally gotten around to fully digesting the contents. This is a very lovely way to do a Zodiac reveal if you’re the kind of individual who genuinely likes people and also into giving readings and that sort of thing because it really is geared towards that sort of scenario. The procedure is completely justified and logical within this context and is fitting. If you’re looking for the instant “bam” type Zodiac reveal – this likely won’t be for you as it is not “Flash Mentalism”. It is conversational in nature without having to rely on the usual linguistic deceptions etc. I actually like this quite a lot and can see this being useful for those times when I may wish to incorporate it into a palm reading. If you enjoy the ‘psychic entertainer’ side of Mentalism especially, I think you’ll find this to be a lovely addition to your bag of tools. If you’re looking for “flash, bang , boom!” – look somewhere else.”- Sudo Nimh

“This item is a club that belongs in your bag. I wouldn’t describe this material as a great stand-alone piece, although it certainly could be used that way to sensational reactions. Instead, in a platform show, by the time a participant joins the performer on the platform, he already has all he needs to announce that individual’s star sign. It’s not anagram based; none of this “I see an ‘n’ in your sign…” pumping, and it’s quite simple to learn and perform. The manuscript includes methods to easily relate (and memorize) areas of the body to star signs as well as tradesman level divinations.” Lee Earle

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