Panic – DVD and Gimmicks – Estate – Primi ( RED BACK ONLY )

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Including an advanced master workshop with Aaron. And there’s more. Watch Aaron’s new 45 minute video DOWNLOAD training directed by Wayne Houchin. You’ll be performing Panic for your own stunned audiences in minutes!

Check out these great features:
Requires no skill. If you can hold a deck of cards you can start amazing your friends in minutes.
Use with any Bicycle Rider or Mandolin back design.
Perform it close-up, standup or surrounded on the street. It looks like real magic!
Makes a stunning opener, amazing middle or a powerhouse closer!
Instantly resets. Totally Examinable. Totally Commercial.
“Panic kills me – one of the best vanishing decks ever invented.”
– Richard Kaufman Publisher, Genii Magazine

“Aaron’s Panic surprised me. It also fooled me. He has a nice smile, considering that he’s obviously demonic spawn.”
– Max Maven

“You may be flattered to know I was so anxious to learn Panic, instead of going to bed, before I knew it, forty-five minutes had flown by.

Your presentation in the video was clear, concise and valuable. You were well spoken and the techniques and tips you shared made me feel, as the viewer, I had all the knowledge I needed to perform this effect in the real world, from close-up to stage. I thought the disc was very nicely produced and packaged, and your persona was both authoritative and approachable. I also thought it was very commendable that you gave credit to whom it was due in mapping the origin of the inspiration for the effect.

In short, kudos to you my friend for creating a great trick that will be treasured by beginners and pros alike.

I’ll be using it as an opener for my card magic and I can’t wait to hear the reactions I’m sure it will get. Thanks again.”
– Bruce Gold

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