Paper To Bill – Georges Proust – Academie de Magie


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Magic effects with money always catches people’s attention. This is a simple yet visually striking magic effect! A sample routine would be to walk up to a person and state that you found this piece of paper on the floor next to them. You ask if it belonged to them and naturally, they say “no”. You reply, “Would you mind then if I kept it?” And again, the answer is “no”. You take the blank piece of paper (which you show on both sides), and magically the blank paper turns into a dollar bill. You will always get a reaction when you perform this.

A classic in magic that has been crafted meticulously. The quality of the piece in terms of construction and consistency sets a standard of what you wish everything you received would be so well put together. Constructed of heavy-duty materials so you can perform it many times. Well worth the money.

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