ParaNormal 2018


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Using state-of-the-art materials for an unparalleled performance!  Vastly improved in production value in terms of both the incredible quality and design of the products provided as well as the price-point.  When you see the product you will see exactly what we mean.

The performer places a matchbox on a table. A wooden toothpick is then introduced and pierced upright into the center of the matchbox. A small paper star is now introduced and balanced atop of the toothpick, next a borrowed clear drinking glass is inverted over all, covering both the matchbox and its star-topped toothpick.

The performer now invites a spectator to blow their breath at the inverted glass to show that no breeze can penetrate the enclosed glass and reach its sealed contents. The performer then places both of his/her hands some distance apart from each other with the inverted glass at their center. After a few moments of concentration by the performer, the paper star it is seen to begin to move “rotate” ever so slightly.

As the performers concentration grows, the paper star continues to slowly twist back and forth. The paper star now turns clockwise, slowing down. It stops, turns back and forth and turns counter clockwise. Then the paper star slows down and comes to a stop. All can then be immediately, handled and examined by your audience.


  • State-of-the-art materials, applied like never before!
  • Easy to perform, no slights, No threads.
  • Nothing added or taken away.
  • Can be examined before, during and after.
  • Can be done standing, seated at a table, on a floor, close up or surrounded.
  • Great for table hopping, restaurant, bar, cruise ship, bizarre, and psychic performances.
  • Totally portable. Carry the folded paper star and toothpick inside the matchbox.
  • Sets up in seconds.

Paranormal Effect History:

The history of the Paranormal effect can be traced back to the German magician Werner Geissler who performed and presented his magic creations under the stage name of Werry. The effect received wide acceptance by the global magic community via its later presentations by the famed German mentalist Ted Lesley.

Incorporates an encased Neodymium Magnet. All safety precautions should be taken when in the presence of such a powerful Neodymium Magnet.

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