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Tim Sonefelt has earned his repuatation the hard way.  Tim Sonefelt wishes he would of had a product like this to save him years of trail and error.  Tim Sonefelt now has that product available so you won’t have to learn the hard way!  Any magician interested in children’s magic and enteratainment would be wise to get it!  Whether you are just learning how to perform in this venue, or you have made it your mainstay for years, there is a lot of value packed inside this DVD.

You got the gig, but did they ask you back for their other three kid’s parties? If not, you need to know the art and science behind the birthday party magic show. On this DVD you’ll see Tim Sonefelt’s birthday party show performed live for a group of kids and adults. Afterwards, sit in on an in-depth conversation about the show with Tim and his close friend, Glenn Strange.

During the show, you’ll see ways of incorporating audience participation, ideas on highlighting the birthday child, ways to incorporate give aways, show structure and more. During the discussion segment you’ll gain real insight into the entire structure of the show. Glenn Strange is a full-time performer himself, so he knows what questions to ask to get the most from the time you’ll spend watching this DVD.

Tim is a great guy, we first met while we was working the Magic Castle a few years ago.  I can’t speak more highly of him, he’s a class act all the way – Mark Stevens

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