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Visual Magic at its BEST!  The magician picks up a card with a red back and one with a blue back (if desired, he could take them out from two decks). He shows them both back and front, and places them diagonally overlapping each other. Without any cover, the card at the back VISIBLY melts right through the front card!

Simply incredible! There is a multitude of opportunities limited only to your imagination with the incorporation of these quality crafted gimmicks.

  • Very visual.
  • Perfect for Parlor Magic and Social Media Magic.
  • Easy to do.
  • You will always carry it with you.
  • The following is supplied: two Bicycle cards ready to perform the effect, the video instructions, and an extra that will allow you to give a long life to the gimmick provided.

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1 review for Pass Card – JL Magic

  1. Bro. Paul West (verified owner)

    What a beautiful thing. Very visual. Well made. Real eye candy for an audience. Even if you know how it’s done, it will fool you brain. It’s a simple easy trick to master and seems to hold up just fine. Since I have a perfect spot in my show for this, I did buy an extra one for a back up. BUT it is a simple fix if there is a problem and they supply you with ample amount of stuff to make that fix. I could only find one drawback, it is a bit noisy, but aren’t they all. I cover mine with patter and that is sufficient in my book. Great for vid work and social media, but for me, it’s a winner in my live performances. Highly recommended. ~ Bro. Paul

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