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A Larger Silk Cabby 

Don’t limit this effect to only silks.  You can use ropes, sponges or other items that will fit into the load chamber.  Perhaps the greatest mistake was originally calling this a “Silk Cabby” because you can use several other items to perform this effect!

The Silk Cabby – a long tested classic of magic.   First introduced to the magic world over 50 years ago. We have taken this effect to a NEW standard with our special Silk Cabby. It is larger than the older classic versions and while you can do everything with this model that you could do with the older models – this one AMPS it up allowing you to utilize a larger load size which creates a larger visual impact for the audience.

With this Silk Cabby, you can perform any silk transposition or blendo effect you would like, or you can go with the suggested routine included. Regardless of which type of presentation you prefer, you will find this Silk CaBby (as is the case with all Michael Baker apparatus)  constructed of the highest quality with precision execution.

Suggest Effect: 

Patriotic Silks.  The Silk Cabby is shown and both doors are opened to reveal that it is empty inside.  Then the both doors are closed.  Next three individual 18- inch silks— one Red, one White, and one Blue —are shown to the audience.  Next, one-at-a-time each silk is inserted into the side of the cabinet (with the cabinet still closed).  Next the performer begins to pull out a silk from the opposite side.  However, as he pulls out the silk the audience can easily tell the silk is not only a lot bigger than the three  individual silks, but has also transformed into a large colorful 50 state American flag (24″ x 36″).  The 50-state American flag that comes with this product is from SKS studio’s (AKA Rice Silks), and thus is the finest quality as you would expect from Stevens Magic Emporium.  After the transformation, the audience is probably thinking the three individual silks you placed inside the cabby earlier are still inside it the box.  So for the finale, the magician drops both the front and back doors – which reveals the cabby to be completely empty!   A true transformation if there ever was one!  This effect is also referred to as a Blendo.

This effect is lends itself perfectly to being performed with music as on the demo video for greater audience effect! Can be performed with the spoken word and an American theme! Flag silk is 24 x 36 inches and is a Silk King Studio silk. (They don’t make them this good today)!  Dims:  6″ tall, 8″ long inches long and 4 inches deep. Complete with silks. This excellent effect is good for all types of audiences at all ages! Use your own patter as the cabby can vanish or appear any silks at any time! Excellent for any type silk magic—vanishes, productions, etc. ONLY 12 sets have been made by our craftsman Michael Baker! A superb maker of fine magic!

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