Paulo’s Enigma Puzzle – Alexander Beresford and Bill Montana


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Let’s face it – we need to put down the Smart Phones sometimes and get grounded.  Puzzles are a great way to do just that.  Paulo’s Enigma takes approzimately 7.6 minutes (456 Seconds) to resolve which allows you to fit all five pieces into the frame.  We love these type of puzzles because they are GREAT ways to relax.  You can piddle with them without putting in a lot of concentrated thought while your talking on the phone.   Hey a therapist cost at least $150-$250 these days – allow Paulo’s Enigma to help you wind down for a lot less!

A solution to this puzzle is not included, however it will lead you to a place if you give up.  But what kind of self respecting puzzle maker would include a solution for their puzzels? You can do it!

Level of Difficulty: 3

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