Pee Wand (Wee Wee Wand) – Squirting Magic Wand


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Important: See Disclaimer Below Provided By Jonathan Todd.

They said it could never be done!  They called us crazy!  They laughed as us and when we went to magic conventions we would see people whispering in small groups and pointing to us from across the room.  Oh the mockery.  For years our idea was beaten into the ground along with our very hearts and souls.  But staying true to the mission was something, even in the darkest hours we knew we must persevere.  Now comes the moment where we prove all the Nay Sayers wrong with the introduction of the WEE-WEE WAND!

Magician picks up a magic wand and tells the audience to count aloud with him to the number three.  As the children scream out THREE, the magicians points the wand into the crownd and water soaks the kids and the magicians yellow out – Wait! That’s not THREE that’s PEA!  At which point he continues to shoot water as the kids screan and run.  That’s right this is NOT your average Magic Wand!

Okay, so the name is a little risky, but it sure got your attention.   This really is a well made product. You may think it’s easy to produce a wand that squirts but when you see the product you’ll agree it’s well designed.

  • Wand Will Shoot 20 plus feet!
  • You can shoot it several times.
  • Holds an impressive amount of liquid.
  • Can also hold Milk if so desired for sequencing effects like the Milk Pitcher.

Looks like a regular magic wand because in many ways it is – but it’s really a squirting wand. This effect will be a BIG HIT regardless of how you play it.

It’s about time the magic wand got a Job! Oscare Hanson Jr. III

The PEE wand single handedly increased my bookings 800%!  I am literally turning away shows. –  Walter Smiles

There is no doubt in my mind this will end up being one of the finest collectibles ever in Magic!  – Richard Valz (curator of the famous Acadamie Estates de Magie)

WARNING: people over 50 (or with any history of prostate issues) consider adding your all new Magic Wand Catheter and Bag Combo (SKU: SME-12764).  Sold Separately.

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