Penciltration by Jesse Feinberg – DVD

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Break Thru To The Other Side!  Jesse Feinberg has created the ultimate bill penetration.

Imagine borrowing any bill, and pushing a solid pencil right through it. Sounds familiar huh? Well get ready for Penciltration because for the FIRST TIME EVER you actually see the moment the pencil pushes through to the other side. When the pencil is pulled back out jaws drop because there’s no hole in the bill! Everything can be immediately handed out for examination.

  • Works with any type of bill.
  • Use playing cards, business cards, etc…
  • Everything is immediately examinable.
  • New concept will fool your own eyes!
  • DVD includes the custom made Penciltration gimmick, which is also used for 3 additional effects.

‘Push’ your magic to the next level!

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