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IMPORTANT: This Download has TWO Components. The supplemental PDF, and the audio.  

One of the top selling items at Stevens Magic was Bill Montana’s Forcing Pendulum… We still get calls for it and that means that there are a lot of people that realize the benefit of such a feat!  That’s why we are making available Bill Montana and Robert Marsi’s Pendulum Forcing with any Pendulum. This is a TWO part download, which includes the PDF and the audio file.

The PDF is provided to give some visual images and a few ready made pendulum charts that can be used with pendulum forcing. The program is 1:58 almost 2 hours plus the 26 page PDF. This special PDF accompanies the audio program for Pendulum Forcing with any Pendulum and contains illustrations and pendulum charts designed by Bill Montana that you can print out and use with pendulum forcing and movement tells. Please refer to that audio program for the instructions on how to use each of these charts with pendulum forcing. Each of the below charts is presented on a separate page for the ease of printing. Please print each charton on a heavy card stock. Each pendulum chat will need to be cut out by hand. On each chart in this work there is a thin red line this is your cut line. All of the charts or boards as they are sometimes called are for use with pendulum forcing. Pendulum forcing and pendulum movement tells are also the original discovery/creation of Bill Montana.

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