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One of the first effects you probably remember… This one is not only made exceptionally well but comes with a bang ring.  For those of you that have other variations, you remember how frustrating it is to get the shell out, after performance.  Other models tell you to put it in a coffee cup and shake to dislodge the shell – but I can assure that it rarely works! That is why I was so excited to find this version that comes with the bang ring also Mark Stevens.

The Penny & Dime effect was invented by T. Nelson Downs and manufactured by Master Mechanic Carl Brema. It is and has been one of the most copied coin effects in history and it has led to the development of other fine coin effects such as Scotch & Soda, etc. Viking is the only company legally able to use the Brema name in association with this effect. Penny & Dime, invented by T. Nelson-Downs and first produced by C. Brema, now masterfully produced by Viking Mfg.

  • EFFECT #1: A penny and dime are shown on the outstretched palm of the right hand. The left-hand fingertips approach the two coins and with a rubbing action cause the dime to vanish. The remaining penny can be minutely examined.
  • EFFECT#2: A penny and dime are placed on the back of your closed left fist. The penny is positioned over the dime and as you press downward, the penny passes through the hand and falls to the table top below.
  • EFFECT#3: A penny and dime are shown in the left hand. The hand is slowly closed as the right hand is formed into a fist and held some inches away. A slight shake of both hands and when both hands are opened it is seen that the dime as magically traveled to the right hand.
    You receive our quality machined coin set plus the instructions for the above effects and MORE! One of the greatest clos-up miracles of all times.

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