Penny Dreadful Detective – Parlor Version – Taylor Imagineering


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Product Description

This is the Parlor Version.

Most all of us enjoy magic that is interactive, fun, light-hearted and packs a quick punch! This unique application from Christopher Taylor, satisfies all of this and more!

Enjoy a reenactment of the ‘famous Edwardian parlour game’ in which a player mysteriously solves a grizzly murder using a pendulum and their psychic intuition. The kicker? The player unknowingly also intuits the victim’s exact time of death.

The set includes:
• Specially prepared set of photo ‘game cards’
• Vintage pocket watch pendulum
• Gimmicked Sharpie pen
• Sample prepared envelopes
• A surefire method for teaching a participant how to use a pendulum in only two minutes.
• Full performance and detailed instructions online made available upon receipt of the physical product.

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