Perfect Blank Deck – By SHIMPEI


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We reviewed it at Stevens Magic Emporium, and our Tech1 Shawn Reida gave it a thumbs up! His internal review: Advanced Mental Photography Deck with very nice routine. Most importantly the DVD has very good English explanations.  It’s a keeper Mark!

Effect: A pure white blank deck of cards is presented and shown on both sides… The cards are totally blank. Yet the magician is able to “project” the images of printed cards on the previously seen blank deck. At first the magician does it quickly and all you can see is a quick glance of a printed card on the top? But it’s so fast you ask yourself “did I really see that, or is it an illusion?” Magic is all about illusion but to remove all doubts the deck is once again shown blank and then with the most natural handling, all the cards are not printed on “both” sides!

This is exceptionally powerful magic that you can perform and even better can do so surrounded 360 degrees!

Bonus: You will get an additional effect titled – Six Wildcards. The item comes with a very good DVD with excellent English instructions. One regular deck is needed to perform this miracle, which is not included (supply your own deck).


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