Perfect Mirror Glass II


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One of the greatest innovations in mirror glasses ever made. Our friends at UGM introduced us to this idea from Mizoguchi in Japan back in 2006.  We’ve sold hundreds!

Forget everything you have ever thought about “Mirror Glass.”  This Visual Silk Production usese a completely different gimmick that is nothing short of awesome!

Effect: Imagine a mirror glass that allows you to produce a silk without having to turn the glass! Now imagine that not only can you produce the silk holding the glass in the same exact position – but when the silk instantly appears parts of it can literally pop up outside the top of the glass! It should be called the absolutely amazingly incredibly fantastic animated silk appearance (okay, maybe that’s too long of a name).

Regardless of the name – You’ll simply love this item and enjoy performing it!

  • You can use: 9″ up to 24″ silks.
  • Our expert staff suggests an 15″ Rice Silk for optimum performance.
  • Approx 5″ tall and 3″ wide.
  • No Reels, No Treads, No Magnets – It’s AUTOMATIC!
  • Can be performed in short sleeves.
  • Easy to load and reload.
  • When using a larger sized silk it’s very visual even from a large stage!
  • Comes with exceptional English instructions that include step-by-step photos and instructions.
  • The effect requires NO skill, you can perform it within minutes!

Comes with FREE Silk (while supplies last).

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2 reviews for Perfect Mirror Glass II

  1. Bill Dickson

    Fantastic effect the production of the silk is quick and this is easy to learn and can be done right away. Best Mirror Glass I have seen in awhile, I’m giving it 5 “Stars”


  2. William Hegbli

    This is not like any mirror glass in the world. It is a mechanical marvel to see it in action and quit shocking to see the silk appear in the glass with the silk actually sticking out the top of the glass ready to be whisk away for display or to be used in another silk effect.

    This is made with space age material and custom metal parts. It is one of nicest pieces of craftsmanship I have ever seen in a trick of this nature.

    Do not confuse this with the other cheap imports on the market currently. It is nothing like them and the working is totally different.

    If you have an assistant working with you, this will make a great instant transportation effect with the Flash Silk Vanishing Wand or the Silk Pistol tricks making it a larger effect.

    Highly recommended for anyone that appreciates superior workmanship in their props and want to present a trick that looks very magical to the audience.

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