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The days of placing your Light Heavy Chest directly on the ‘connecting surface’ are over! Gimpy’s Performance Mat allows you to place your existing Light Heavy Chest on an innocent-looking close-up mat while performing this classic effect. Imagine placing your existing chest onto an innocent-looking close-up mat. You turn the mat and chest to face someone. Then ask them to simply “Lift it”. THEY CANNOT.

You turn the mat back toward yourself, open the chest, remove the silk (or any other light item), then turn it back to the spectator and they are now able to lift the chest! Gimpy has updated this classic effect into the 21st Century with one of the greatest products to be released to the magic community in years! This innocent-looking mat provides the illusion that the chest is not connected to the table, chair or stage you are performing on. Yet, your chest still keeps 100% of its connecting strength.

Having something between your chest and the connecting surface strengthens your performance by 1000 times!! This extraordinary mat has been specially created to be used with the modern-day Light & Heavy Chest. And, it can also be used
throughout your show as your standard close-up mat!

• Totally inspectable.
• Can double as a close-up mat.
• Will not stick to or damage the surface that it’s placed upon.
• It’s non-toxic, can be cleaned with soap and water.
• Built to last—should never need to be replaced.
• Works with most modern Light Heavy boxes (unless your box uses the Houdin method).

BONUS! As a bonus, you will receive an online secret tutorial that details special moves and handlings developed over the years by top pros! You will learn the real secrets of these boxes. How to use the Georgia Magnet Technique with your box. Tips on how to choose the perfect spectator to assist you. How to use a lightweight table. How to improve the performance of your box. The ‘Hop’ Move and lots more!

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