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Without question some of the best products we offer our customers come from working professionals that share their commercial effects.  Ted Outerbridge is one example.  As a result you can put your confidence and faith in his products, both in terms of quality, impact and ethics.  – Joe Stevens

The fact that this effect has made a permanent mark as a magical crowd pleaser is 100% indisputable!  Watch any major magic production, whether on TV or in person and there is a very good chance you will see Martin Lewis contribution to the art of magic.  If you want a powerful visual that involves audience participation along with an incredible kicker that people will NEVER forget – you have that with Ted Outerbridge’s variation called – PERFUME!  Ted’s “reimagined”  version of the classic Sketchpad Card Rise to predict a woman’s perfume.  Ted came up with the idea in 2011. This unique effect has been a highlight of Ted Outerbridge’s performances for 17 years, generating laughter and genuine amazement. It is now on the market with permission from Martin Lewis.

Effect: A spectator selects a perfume from a deck of perfume cards. The magician draws it on a pad, but it is the wrong one. Then the magician changes the drawing to look like a shopping bag, and explains that the spectator’s perfume is in the bag. The selected perfume then rises out of the drawing of the shopping bag! The magician gives the drawing to the spectator as a souvenir.

Perfume includes:

  • 11″ x 17″ (29x43cm) sketchpad with a heavy-duty backboard and an oversized spiral
  • Perfume gimmick
  • Perfume forcing deck measuring 5″ x 7″ (13x18cm) printed in color on French casino-quality card stock with black core and a linen finish
  • Magnum Sharpie marker
  • Refills for 12 shows
  • Instructions and a script based on thousands of performances

Additional refills are available in packages of 12 or you can make your own.

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