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The performer removes a patience card from the drawer of a box. This card is then placed in a small wooden case, the performer claiming that on command, the card will vanish from the case and reappear back in the drawer of the box. Things, however, do not go according to plan. When the performer tips the case downwards to prove that the card has vanished, THE SLIM OUTER FRAME OF THE CARD SLIDES OUT, ONLY ITS MIDDLE PART HAS VANISHED. He then discovers that the missing middle portion of the card has likewise failed to appear in the drawer of the box. (This missing piece is eventually discovered underneath the performer’s close-up mat.)

In an effort to put things right, the performer places the two pieces of the patience card back in the case and commands the card to restore itself and then reappear in the drawer of the box. A spectator is invited to open the drawer and he certainly finds the card inside it, BUT THE CARD HAS BEEN RESTORED WITH ONE PIECE OF IT IN REVERSE. The outer frame is the face of the card, but the inner piece is its patterned back.

To correct the fault in this card, it is now placed in the case where it finally changes back to a correctly restored card which the performer then gratefully returns to the drawer in the box.

PERVERSE MAGIC AT ITS FINEST! Nothing appears to go right for the performer. This very perverse card absolutely insists on doing things its own way.

The case which brings about the two card changes works differently from both HOLUSION and CARD CASE 20 and is decorated with a specially dyed, coloured wood inlay. The box with the drawer is not based on the old drawer box principle: the drawer can be removed completely by the spectator. The box and the case both measure 7.5 x 5 cms (approx.) and are made in teak. A set of specially made cards is supplied for the above effect.

The apparatus used in PERVERSE CARD is not confined specifically to the above routine: each piece may be utilized separately in an effect of the performer’s own innovation.

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