Pete’s Peeper (Biro)


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Pete’s Peepers have been off the market for over 20 years, originally released by Ken Brooke, Pete Biro’s thimble routine plays strong, is angle proof and requires little skill.

The original version featured a 6-inch long thimble for the climax, but over time Pete refined the routine and found that a good “STACK” of thimbles to finish the routine made more sense and played stronger. It’s “hide-and-seek” routine, all done facing forward so the audience gets a clear view, unlike most manipulation routines where the performer turns to the side blocking half the audience’s view.

When Jeff McBride saw Pete do this routine, he immediately said, “I have to have this. When will you have them on the market?” Well, that time is now, thanks to Jeff’s prompting. Comes complete with Pete’s Routine and thimbles.  Note: thimbles may vary in color/size/materials.

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