Phantom Tube – Petrie Lewis


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Beautiful Magic Apparatus!

Without doubt one of the greatest and most mystifying production effect that has ever been invented.

Certified: Petrie Lewis: Beautifully bold red tub with nickle plated rings.

The tube is picked up from the table and held up to the light so that the spectators can look through it and see that it is entirely empty. If desired water can even be poured through it to prove this. The tube is now held in the palm of the hand and the spectator is requested to make the drum-heads. The tube is again help up to the light so that everyone can visually see nothing has been loaded in the process.

Flags, handkerchiefs or similar articles are now commended to appear within the tube and instantly they are seen to materialize, in full view of the audience. The paper drum heads are immediately broken and all are astonished at the production.

Phantom Tube – (Medium Size 7” Tall) – Limited Availability. Note: SILKS ARE NOT INCLUDED!

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