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From our friends at UGM. Co., Japan. We have never seen anything quite like this before. Imagine a 4-phase effect featuring bold color contrasts in conjunction with simple manipulation techniques, which results in a synergistic finale.

Effect: Magician shows both hands empty and then reaching into the air, produces a single colorful flower on the tip of his finger. Moving along, he makes another motion and the flower tip on his finger vanishes only to appear on another finger-on the “other hand!” The third sequence shows magician making pass and instead of just one flower the magician now displays four different colored flowers one hand, on the tips of each finger.

The final (fourth) phase of this little miracle is revealed when the magician closes his fingers into a fist, such that the smaller finger tip flowers can no longer be seen. However, when he extends his hand open-he has now transferred the little finger flowers into a full 13-bloom, multi-colored (8-inches tall by 11-inches wide) bouquet. Quality of the product is exceptional-professional in every detail-the exact type of item Stevens Magic build its reputation with.

The demonstration video is a must see to fully appreciate this unique effect performed by Yuji Yamamoto.

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