Pipe Dream by Barry Mitchell


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It just doesn’t work! It was supposed to be a book shelf and something went horribly wrong! The light socket doesn’t light the bulb . . . it lights the socket! A potato lifts a cinder block, which is impossible because it’s connected to a brick . . . a yellow brick. Obviously found on the road. A safety cone lifts a brick while it’s connected to a block. It just doesn’t work! The answer isn’t inside because it separates into three pieces with NOTHING inside. It just doesn’t work! Put it back together and it doesn’t work again. The potato lifts the block while connected to the brick, which is connected to the safety cone, which is connected to the block. But wait, there’s a switch box on the front. It breaks open revealing a colorful mess. It’s an odd machine that serves only one purpose . . . to entertain your audience. For that, it just DOES work!

Pipe Dream Presentations are UNLIMITED. Due to the unique feature of the rings, almost any object can be used.

Comes with everything shown except the light bulb. Any bulb may be used because the light is INSIDE the pipe.

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