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The absolute MUST Have accessory for ANY mentalist – is the PK Stone! C’mon – you can’t deny it!  For Sixth Sense or Flux or other routine one can think up!  

You have asked – in fact you demanded! You made your conditions well understood and gave us a timeline such that if we did NOT oblige you,  we would have to pay the consequences. We busted our butts and we got it DONE! Then we found out what you were doing to us is illegal! But it’s all water under the bridge. And in that water stream you may find the coveted PK Stone! Or some call it the PK Pet ROCK! But probably not! No worries – because now you can get one here!

Little Jimmy makes a lot of great PK artifacts, scarabs, skulls, brains, Hearts he even makes a PK Tiki God – for goodness etc. But his PK Stone may be the KING of them all! Want to use other objects for your metal detection devices such as Sixth Sense? We got you covered. Like all Little Jimmy’s PK artifacts they are POWERFUL!

Check out ALL of the Little Jimmy PK artifacts. PK Rock is a must have item!

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1 review for PK Stone

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    I just received my PK Stone (Little Jimmy’s Prop Shop) from Stevens Magic and I am very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and I am beyond impressed with its performance capability. It appears and feels like an ordinary smooth stone found in a creek or on a river bank but hidden inside it is an incredibly strong magnet. I am using it with Sixth Sense 2.0 and it is detectable from over 8 inches away while being held inside a hand. I have two or three coins made by different manufacturers which are supposed to be the strongest available; they work as intended however none of them come close to the strength of this PK Stone. It could easily be used for standard PK or TK type tricks but with a detector it is perfect. Great product!


    Thanks Adam for taking the time to post your feedback! ??. SME

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