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Also Available in Blue Bicycle.  Check out the ENTIRE SME Private Label by accessing Professional Playing Card Decks category on our site. 

  • Highly Suggested – This product goes PERFECTLY with our Pre Scored Mercury Card DeckSME Private Brand. It’s the Yin to this Yang! See Bottom of page for more details.

Rattle boxes have been around in magic for many years. They provide an “audible” that is just as convincing as a visual.   But what if you could provide BOTH!  That is exactly what our professional card maker who is the person behind the entire line of SME Professional Brand (AKA Private Label) has done. This is exceptionally well made and available at a very fair price.  It will save you several hours of time, trouble and hassle.  And respectfully unless you are already well versed in construction it’s unlikely you will come up with a better version.  The audible is perfect.

All that you need is a mercury card and you’ve got a miracle (which we also provide a full deck pre-scored for you see below).  Even better it’s wholesome and doesn’t wreak of “prop” being that its inside the card box. You get the full deck along with the crafted specially gimmicked card box.

Video Instructional: Comes with a QR Code that provides you with access to a short video tutorial with explanations, ideas and tips.  Note: The QR Codes are located on the back side of the Stevens Magic Emporium paper label! 

Sample Effect:

  • Sample Playing card can be signed and returned to the deck and in a moment’s, notice is found in the card box seconds later, you shake the box and show it now inside the box, you dump the card into your hand and let the spectator unfold their signed card!
  • Perfect for card to impossible location without adding extra props to your routine.
  • This has been personally inspected by our resident card pro JIRO, who was very impressed with the quality.
  • Highly Suggested – This product goes PERFECTLY with our Pre Scored Mercury Card DeckSME Private Brand. It’s the Yin to this Yang! See Bottom of page for more details.

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