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This booklet is a collection of procedures, techniques and sequences that demonstrate some of the possibilities the PLF ESP cards. Our intention was to offer this as an added bonus to PLF ESP testing card owners who might be interested in a few ideas to help get the creative juices flowing!

The result is the collection of ESP card effects, short essays and practical thoughts, that you are about to read. It’s important to emphasize that at its essence, this booklet is only intended as a sample of some of the basic mechanics of ESP effects. It was never our intention that this material be presented or perceived as the start and end point for routines using the PLF ESP cards.

While many of the routines contained within may be performed exactly as outlined, it is our hope and intention that they serve to demonstrate principles that will inspire you to create our own unique effects! So, please accept this as an assortment of routine ideas, rather than a “best of” collection. We have tried to include a variety of effects that show some of the technical and thematic possibilities, which can act as a starting point for you to adapt to your unique personality and presentational style.

As an example, we will explore many variations of card arrangement, counting and sorting, to force symbols and/or produce what appear to be remarkable coincidences. However, it is essential that, in practice, the mechanics of these processes are well disguised through presentation, so as to avoid giving the impression that we are arranging, counting, and/or sorting cards without any logical motivation (or that the results are simply mathematical or mechanicalcalculations).

It is our hope that you, as the performer, will use these tools and techniques as the framework by which to create themes and routines which are both intriguing and credible.

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