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Pete Biro has taken the best of two effects, the Chinese Sticks and the Histed Sticks (commonly knows as the Pom Pom Sticks) and produced a prop and routine that spells ENTERTAINMENT. Millions have bought the “slum” versions of the Chinese Sticks, but when they see this version they are baffled because they don’t have to be tilted to work. These are “no-tilt”, “no-work” sticks made from items obtained at a plumbing supply store, to give them the impromptu look, and like Ken Brooke said, “They are a funny prop and set up the laughs before you even do the routine.” Developed from an original concept of Terry Seabrooke and brought to completion by Pete Biro, several sets were offered at the 2002 World Magic Seminar and they were immediately SOLD OUT, with several magicians added to our waiting list. Great as an MC filler, trade show item for a hardware or plumbing supply firm or any Do-It-Yourself outfit. Also known as Plumber’s Sticks.

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