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What better character then Edgar Allan Poe could you think of to make up a specialized deck like this? 

From the creative mind of Vince Wilson, Gemini Artifacts brings you The Poe Brainwave Deck. The beautiful set of eight cards full of all original artwork is sure to bring your spectators to the world of Edgar Allan Poe.

I have always been fascinated by Edgar Allan Poe since I lived in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. My previous Baltimore, I still sometimes miss thee. The Baseball (such as it is), the food (steamed crabs!) and Poe. We have Poe’s body after all. Sorry Richmond, Boston and New York – he’s ours. He died in 1849, alone under very mysterious circumstances on a street in what is now Baltimore’s Little Italy. He is one of America’s greatest writers and we all have a favorite Poe poem or story. I often wonder though, did Poe himself have a favorite? If so, which one?

Of course most people hope that is the story they like best when they think of it.

This is NOT a regular Brainwave deck! An entirely different Psychic and Tarot card effect. Very clever and simple to perform. Appeals to all spectators as an entirely different card effect as it uses photos of the titles of Poe’s famous books! Paranormalist takes out a collection of eight Tarot-sized cards (3×5-inches), each card represents one of Poess famous works. The cards were printed in Baltimore and each deck was buried at the base of Poeís grave on the anniversary of his death on October 7th.

Through psychometry, the cards are shown (fronts and backs) to a volunteeróone at a time. (The backs reveal a repeating pattern of Poeís famous books.) The volunteer choses. The selected card, is flipped over and there on the back, not seen before is a faded portrait of Edgar Allan Poe! The effect leads a good opportunity to do a simple personality reading along with the effect of the spectator!

IF you want something entirely different for your close-up routines, this is it as it is NOT just another card trick! Itís very entertaining! Easy to do and very entertaining!

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