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Poison is a foolproof, Russian Roulette/Dangerous Monte routine with a surprising, fun, kicker! The routine can be performed solo, one-on-one, for a small group, or even as a stage or platform piece. It can even be done online!

Your kit includes two sets of coasters (one set is themed the other generic, allowing you to create your own presentation), two gaffed dice, a set of 6 matching bottles (one of which is gaffed), a carrying case, and access to an instructional video with over 45-minutes of detailed handling/routine ideas, including multiple ways to reveal the ‘poison!’

Only a small group of performers have been exposed to Poison! I am happy to report that they all survived! Here’s what they had to say:

“I have never performed a liquid Russian Roulette before and Eric has finally released something that I have been waiting years for! This a professional and 100% safe routine that will go straight into my repertoire!”Luca Volpe

“Eric has done it again! He has taken the danger act and revamped it! It involves the participants in a lovely way and ends the routine on a fun note rather than just the relief that you managed to survive this act. I love it and am sure anyone who gets their hands on it will too! Congrats!”Matti Weinberg

“Eric’s ‘Poison’ has two features rarely found in most of the roulette routines out there: “safe” AND “justified.” It’s not only a complete routine, but modular in nature and sooooo well made. I sincerely hope performers will appreciate the subtleties Eric has thrown in.”Byron Grey

“I spent years pondering a poison monte routine but never found a solution (David Parr has a perfect routine, but I wanted actual liquid in clear glasses). The big stumbling block was how to represent the poison to the audience in a way that reads clearly from distance but isn’t obvious to a person comparing the glasses of poison close up. There’s always a problem with odor, or a problem with the way the liquid moves. When I saw Eric’s solution I smacked my forehead — like all the most brilliant solutions, it’s obvious in retrospect: use sealed containers. For this insight alone this routine is worth buying. The fact that you also get a thoughtfully constructed routine with a deceptive and layered method that you can perform straight out of the box is just a bonus.”Travis Bernhardt

Poison is a limited release (less than 250 kits will be available).

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