Poker Pot – Jack Avis (Ken Brooke) – Louie Gaynor


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If you’re looking for something completely different in a close up routine – Here it is! Used by professionals for years, we are happy to re-release this upgraded version. Each unit is hand made by Louie Gaynor, crafted from the finest walnut. Far superior to the original model made from aluminium. Each box is hallmarked LUE – for Louie Gaynor. Meticulous detail and quality in every way!

Jack Avis has taken two classical principles and by blending them together has produced a clean cut magical effect for performing what is known as “CHINK-A-CHINK.” The box removes the need for shells or “extra units” of the items employed thus, the weakness of having to obtain and later ditch them is entirely eliminated. Roy Johnson has added additional material to the original.Once the basic principle is understood, Roy’s working can be quickly understood! And there is even more additional thoughts and routines provided by the late great Ken Brooke.

IMAGES used “with” authorization from Andy Martin – Martin’s Magic – at: 

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