PolyMorph – Jimmy Strange


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Nothing is more common and non-suspect then the famous brand of Sharpie pens. From a marketing standpoint it is hard to imagine a more successful case study in brand name recognition. The use of everyday object in the art of magic makes it more credible to spectators. Thus, that is the benefit of Polymorph as it is it eliminates all suspicion while at the same time making the impact more intense.

The performer introduces the pen and literally morphs (hence the name of the product Polymorph) the clip of the Sharpie pen cap such that it forms into an exact match of the spectators’ chosen card. Even better the product is then handed out so the spectators can get a hand on, tactile confirmation of this miracle that just transformed in front of their eyes.

We all strive for visual magic that provides jaw dropping reactions and Polymorph has the added benefits of being easy to perform, so much so that you will not want to leave home without it.

Polymorph by Jimmy Strange

  • Easy to perform
  • Multiple routines
  • Quality gimmicks
  • Highly visual


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