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The assistant, standing at the performer’s side, is covered by a cloth. Within seconds, she begins to float, first vertically and then horizontally! The performer’s hands are free as the woman continues floating, you even see her feet moving! Suddenly, she vanishes into thin air! The traditional Asrah version requires bulky apparatus, equipment hung from the theatre grating and several assistants. With Julio Lipan’s Portable Asrah, you can forget the apparatus, big stages and other helpers. The effect is the same but much more practical now that everything is handled by the performer himself. Using only one assistant, you can perform the Asrah illusion in a ballroom or even a living room! This is a great illusion that can be carried in a small suitcase-collapses down to 18” X 10” X 6”. When the Asrah is fully extended its 5’3” tall. What’s even more magical is that the entire illusion weighs only about 4 lbs. A perfect banquet illusion! Don’t let the price cause you to think this is just another cheap illusion!

“At last, an Illusion that gives true definition to the term, “Packs Flat-Plays Big!” If there were awards in magic for design and vision, Julio Lipan would be a sure winner with his Portable Asrah. “ – Joe Stevens Stevens Magic is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for this wonderful illusion from Julio Lipan.

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