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Special Thanks to JIRO for being the lead magician on the “Looking Back To Bring Forward” – Ken Brooke promo! 

From the Ken Brooke Magic Range! Here’s a fine comedy routine by Ken Green. Such routines as this are, as any entertainer will confirm, priceless. We send you-a special pack of cards, a couple of good quality jumbo cards, an envelope and the manuscript. The apparatus, plus the knowledge you will gain from the manuscript will boost the entertainment value of your act 100%.

New IMPROVED model crafted by ROKNOT – includes precision quality and now you get a BONUS Poker Sized gimmick too! 

The presentation can be performed under close-up conditions and is also suitable for after dinner work before small audiences. As supplied it is not suitable for large stage, but can be adapted. This is real situation comedy! Audience participation is vital to your success as a performer. POTTY PREDICTION gives you all the scope you need!

My brother Travis and myself were born 1991, and Travis 1987.  Despite having access to a mamouth instructional videos and the web, we both learned by reading books.  As such we have an affinity to look to the past in terms of both respect and knowledge of those who came before us.  The amount of GOLD we have harvested doing so humbles us greatly.  The Ken Brooke card effects remain remarkably potent and entertaining. I’m honored to be the lead on this project and bring these to you.” – Jiro!

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