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Ad Copy and Images used with permission from Martin’s

Mikame’s Prediction Board is basically the same as Joe Lefler’s Supreme Slate of Mind but smaller and cheaper. Both work well with no real issues, but for most cases I would choose Joe’s original version over this one.

Effect: Manufactured in Japanese Oak hand screened pristine finish. A beautiful piece of magic apparatus, with Dry Erase Board built in for maximum deception. Completely Mechanical! Size 11 1/4″ height x 16 1/4″ width.

You can start performance any time and anywhere. Furthermore, there is no need for any sort of force or magicians choice. At the end the board can be examined if required. A spectator is asked for any random thought, such as a name, color, number, etc. This is written below the magicians prediction and remains in full view. Twice more predictions are made and random thoughts recorded in a like manner.

When the magicians predictions are revealed, they match exactly the spectators random thought.  Item certified original Mikame Craft Yokohama, Japan. Sealed in original blue and white box.

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