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Predic-torn Animal Version

Effect: The magician shows an envelope, which he explains, has a prediction inside. The magician then has a spectator think of a number from 1-16 (free choice); the magician shows a sheet of paper with several different objects on it. The magician tears the paper up into 16 pieces and has the spectator count down to their freely chosen number. That piece is held onto and the rest of the pieces are set-aside on a table. The magician has the spectator open the prediction and shows that it matches exactly what the spectator freely arrived at.
A truly amazing coincidence!

Everything can be examined! Can be repeated immediately with a totally different result. Comes with enough 8.5″ x 11″ full color refills laser printed on 32lb paper to perform 18 times as well as a CD- Rom with PDF files the magician can have printed for repeat performances. This also comes with 3 nicely laminated full colors 5″ x 7″ prediction cards, 2 manila 6″ x 9″ prediction envelopes and complete instructions.

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“This is brilliant! It’s not just magic you can do. It’s magic you will do.”
Simon Lovell

“This is definitely a winner! I highly recommend this trick!”
– Eddie Siller

“Predic-Torn is a fantastic effect that has been beautifully executed by Max Krause. The full-color instructions could not be more clear, concise and easy to follow, and the effect itself is devastating!”
Gabe Ableson


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